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There's nothing like a little fresh air

At Elyson, we want you to get out and enjoy outdoor life, right in the community. Explore the open space. Bike the trails. Fish in the pond. Take out a kayak. You can do it all, because we have it all (or will in the future).

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Elyson community playground for residents in Katy, TX


We have four parks (and more on the way) with infinite ways to play. Have a picnic. Play catch. Climb on the equipment. Or, head 8 miles to Mary Jo Peckham Park and 4.5 miles to Paul Rushing Park, where you can fish, bird watch, play miniature golf…or let your dog run leash-free in a park of its own!

Exploring the Outdoors at Elyson in Katy, TX


It's one thing to have miles of trails (which we do). But it's another thing completely to have almost 30 miles of them, leading to parks and over 750 acres of open space (which we will).

May life always feel like a day at the lake.

Fruit orchards in Elyson community Katy, TX

The Orchards

Pecans. Oranges. Figs. To honor the agricultural heritage of the Katy prairie, we've planted orchards throughout the community and you’ll one day be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

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Parks & Trails Map

Elyson Parks & Trails Map, Katy TX

Map not to scale and provided for illustrative purposes only, based upon current development concepts, which are subject to change without notice. No guarantee is made that the features depicted will be built, or, if built, will be as depicted.