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Newland continues award-winning commitment to sustainable development at Elyson


Green Home Builder magazine named Newland Communities as its Developer of the Year for 2016, recognizing the company’s 45-year track record in green and sustainable development.

“Long before the sustainable fad overtook the housing industry, Newland Communities was already putting a great deal of importance on creating long-term sustainable developments,” the magazine’s editors wrote in a profile of Newland and the green practices it has implemented in more than 40 communities in 14 states.

The article continues: “For decades, they have sought ways to protect and restore the land they are developing. By preserving or improving wetlands and areas of natural topography, they protect the rich history and traditions that inherently belong to it. Developing land and integrating them within the community plan ensures healthy living opportunities for both future residents and the environment.”

As Newland’s newest community, Elyson will also showcase a number of green and sustainable development features when it opens this fall.

For example, Newland will be relocating 21 mature oak trees to the first phase of Elyson. The trees needed to be moved to make way for utilities and other vital infrastructure, and they were transplanted to a site near Elyson’s first amenity center, The Rorick House.

“We couldn’t stand the idea of losing these big trees, even though it would have been much less expensive to cut them down and plant new trees,” said Dan Whitton, project manager for Elyson. “These trees have already become a part of the history of this land, which we’re working to preserve. Now, they will provide wonderful shade and scenery for residents to enjoy for many years to come.”

Newland is also developing a master irrigation plan for Elyson that will include using recycled water for common areas such as amenities and medians along major roadways. The landscape palette for Elyson will be decidedly native, requiring significantly less water and honoring the natural heritage of the Katy Prairie.

The interior of The Rorick House will incorporate recycled materials salvaged from a grain dryer that previously stood on the land. “We’re preventing these materials from taking up space in a landfill,” said Whitton. “Just as important, using them in the amenity center will help new residents and visitors connect with the rich history of the land that is today Elyson.”