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04 January . 2018

6 ways to keep active with the kids at Elyson

In his bestselling book, “Last Child in the Woods,” child advocacy expert Richard Louv argues that keeping kids connected with nature can help prevent problems such as obesity, anxiety and depression.

Louv quotes a growing body of research showing that direct exposure to nature is essential for healthy childhood development, and for the physical and emotional health of today’s wired generation. He calls the problem “nature-deficit,” and fortunately, he believes that many simple and effective solutions are as close as your own backyard.

With year ‘round activities and hundreds of acres devoted to nature and recreation, communities like Elyson can also help prevent nature-deficit.

Taking some inspiration from Louv’s well-regarded research and writings, here are 6 ways that families can made sure kids get plenty of what he calls Vitamin N, for Nature.

  1. Take the trails. Elyson’s trail system will ultimately extend for nearly 30 miles, and the community’s first phase already includes several miles of trails. Take the whole family out for an adventure on foot or by bike.

  2. Pick some fruit. Walk over to one of Elyson’s community orchards, offering pecans, a variety of citrus fruit or figs depending on which one you visit. Residents are welcome to harvest what’s in season. It’s a great way to teach kids about the benefits of fresh, whole foods.

  3. Make a play date. The playground at Elyson House is a great place to meet new friends while getting some exercise and fresh air.

  4. Enjoy an event. Elyson offers a year ‘round calendar of events for families, and many focus on nature and fitness.

  5. Splash around. Elyson’s pool is open year ‘round, and there are many days outside of the summer months when it might be warm enough to get some exercise at these amenities. 

  6. Explore the area. Take a field trip and explore more parks near Elyson, including the popular John Paul's Landing Park.

Learn more about Elyson’s lifestyle and master plan to provide more than 750 acres of parks, trails, lakes, recreation centers and natural open spaces.

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