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12 June . 2023

Meet the namesakes of Youngblood Elementary School at Elyson

The news that Katy ISD’s 45th elementary school, opening at Elyson in August 2023, would bear their name came as a complete surprise to David and Terri Youngblood, who have both had distinguished 40-year careers in the district.

“I was working as a substitute administrator this spring when I got word that I needed to call the superintendent,” David recalls. “He’s a good friend, but my first thought was, ‘Oh, what have I done?’”

After learning that one of Katy ISD’s newest schools would be named in honor of him and Terri, David’s first call was to son Brent, who is principal of Haskett Junior High School, also part of Katy ISD.

In fact, all three of the Youngblood’s children work in Katy ISD. Daughter Kelly is a teacher with the Homebound Services department, serving students who can’t attend school due to medical reasons. Their youngest daughter, Julie, teaches career technology at Taylor High School.

The family’s roots in education and Katy ISD run deep. Both of David’s parents, as well as both of Terri’s, were educators, and several other family members also work in Katy ISD. They have seven grandchildren so far, with four of them old enough to attend the district’s Rylander Elementary.

The Youngbloods’ story began in 1977, when David and Terri met at a new teachers’ meeting in Katy ISD. They were recent college graduates – Terri from Baylor, and David from the University of Texas at Austin – and it was the first day on the job for both of them.

Needless to say, they hit it off personally, and both went on to earn higher degrees and have highly distinguished Katy ISD careers.

David served as teacher, swimming coach and the district’s first diving coach. He later moved to administration, serving as assistant principal and associate principal. He founded the Katy ISD Summer Swimming Recreation Program, which has taught thousands of children in the Katy area how to swim over the past 35 years.

Terri began teaching at Katy High School in 1977 and was instrumental in the development of Katy ISD’s vocational, career and technical curriculum. She has served as a vocational teacher, Katy High School Business department chair, and as sponsor for the Future Business Leaders of America. Terri also taught English as a Second Language classes through Katy ISD’s Community Education Program, as well as summer school. 

Though they are both officially retired, David and Terri are still very involved with the district. David referees volleyball, announces track meets and helps out at football games. Terri substitutes in Homebound Services and helps to administer standardized tests such as AP exams.

The Youngbloods envision a similarly active role for themselves at Youngblood Elementary School, whether it’s turning out to support musical concerts and spirit events, or reading to kids in the library.

“We love being around kids and we plan to be big supporters. We’re very impressed by the new principal, Charlotte Gilder, and her vision for the school,” Terri said. “Both of us have always worked at the high school level, so being so involved in an elementary school will be a new experience for us.”

As Katy ISD namesakes, the Youngbloods join an esteemed circle of colleagues with schools named after them. Many are personal friends. One of them is former Katy ISD architect/planner Peter McElwain, namesake for McElwain Elementary, opened in Elyson in 2020.

“I always put the previous namesakes on a pedestal of sorts. To find ourselves here is a very humbling experience,” David said.

Youngblood Elementary School is located at 25600 Longenbaugh Road, right next to Elyson. Katy ISD plans to open a new middle school and high school adjacent to Youngblood Elementary in 2024, creating a complete PreK-12 campus. 

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