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Schools Transformational Learning Snapshot

06 December . 2018

All Katy ISD schools serving Elyson recognized as “Schools Transforming Learning”

Out of more than 9,000 public schools in Texas, only 31 schools were named “2018 Schools Transforming Learning” by the Principals’ Institute. This elite group includes all three of the Katy ISD schools serving Elyson: Bethke Elementary School, Stockdick Junior High and Paetow High School.

As part of the submission process to receive this honor, media students at Stockdick and Paetow created a three-minute video that explains the “educational village” approach that Katy ISD has taken with these three modern, state-of-the-art campuses. Bethke opened in 2016, and Stockdick and Paetow opened in 2017. All are located less than 4 miles from Elyson’s main entrance.

“In all three of our campuses, student focus is the golden thread that runs throughout,” says Paetow Principal Mindy Dickerson in the video. “Our theater departments created a combined show for all sixth-grade through high school students. Our elementary students see our high school athletic director in P.E. classes throughout the building. Eighth-grade science students are able to come over to Paetow High School and interact with our students over here and do learning walks around classroom spaces.”

“One the things that makes our three-campus cluster unique is that we are really striving to make sure that our campuses are student-directed and that our students become advocates for their own learning,” says Bethke Principal Carrie Lowery.

“We really strive in our fine arts programs across the junior high and high school to have connections, so that our band directors go over to the high school, and vice versa,” adds Stockdick Principal Mark McCord. He says the goal is to build a vertical 6-12th grade program in all fine arts concentrations.

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