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28 November . 2018

Bringing the media room downstairs for family togetherness

In most new homes today, the media room is upstairs, away from the main living areas. But a growing number of homebuilders are offering plans with the media room on the main floor, combining with the family room and kitchen area to create a large, multipurpose informal living space.

“In every model we’ve built with the downstairs media room, home buyers have loved it,” said Gonzalo Romero, vice president of architecture for Highland Homes, one of the leading homebuilders in Elyson. “This layout really encourages family togetherness for movie nights and game day. Even at breakfast, it’s great to watch the morning news in surround sound.”

Highland’s Plan 248 is one of the new homes offered in Elyson with a downstairs media room. In contrast to the open dining room and family/kitchen area, the media room is more enclosed, to help muffle the sound of loud movies or games on the big screen. At the same time, this layout makes it easy for other family members to check in on the media room, and for movie-watchers to grab snacks and drinks from the kitchen.

Perry’s Design 3496W plan in Elyson offers a media room at the back corner of the main floor, with French doors that provide both privacy and access to the family room and kitchen area. This design is also flexible, offering buyers the option to build this space as a library or study.

Darling has two plans with downstairs media room options. Plan 7490 offers a media room option next to a powder room, so movie-lovers can make a quick bathroom run.

Darling’s Plan 7423 has a media room off of the extended foyer, and this space can also be built as part of an optional multigenerational suite.

Meritage’s Redbud plan offers options for both upstairs and downstairs media rooms.

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