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Harmony School Principal, Christopher Hassan, Katy, Texas

26 July . 2022

Harmony School principal Christopher Hassan lives and works at Elyson

When Harmony School of Excellence – Katy opens in Elyson in mid-August, with an inaugural class of more than 500 students and a staff of more than 50 fulltime teachers, Principal Christopher Hassan won’t have much of a commute.

Christopher and his family have lived in Elyson for a year, moving in just as HSE – Katy was in the early planning stages.

Before coming to Elyson, Christopher was principal of Harmony’s Virtual School, and he has spent of most his professional career with this system of high-performing charter schools, starting in 2008.

Harmony School Playground

Harmony is an important part of life for the Hassan family. Mary, Christopher’s wife, works at the Harmony School of Excellence – Houston, on Gessner Drive. Their eldest daughter, Evalena, will be a first-grade student at HSE – Katy this year. Chances are that daughter Layla, now 3, will also become part of the Harmony family.

“I definitely won on the commute, compared to Mary,” laughs Christopher.

Harmony School Scooters

He is eager for the entire community to see the new Elyson campus, one of the newest and most innovative campuses in the Harmony system, which includes more than 60 schools throughout Texas.

“Our Elyson school is a great illustration of how Harmony has grown,” he says. “We had humble beginnings, with our first schools taking over former retail spaces.  Now, we’re building state-of-the-art campuses from the ground up, and that comes from our academic success and award-winning financial stewardship.”

Some of the innovations at the Elyson school include a specialized room for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), a focus of the Harmony curriculum.

He said classrooms, science labs and other areas throughout the building are exceptionally spacious, giving students plenty of room to learn. Safety is another priority, with a secured lobby, keycard lock doors and other features designed into the building.

Elyson Fireside Park

When Christopher is not working, you can often see him and his family zipping throughout Elyson on their electric bikes, visiting some of their favorite places such as Elyson House and Fireside Park along the way.

Elyson Swimming Pool

For more information about Harmony School of Excellence – Katy, visit