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having a split commute

07 March . 2019

Elyson’s west-by-northwest location ideal for “split commute” families

Compromise is the gift that keeps giving when it comes to maintaining successful marriages and relationships, it’s often said.

Elyson’s west-by-northwest location along the Grand Parkway, roughly midway between the Katy Freeway and U.S. Highway 290 West, is turning out to be a great compromise for “split-commute” families where partners work on different sides of town.

Most often, one spouse or partner works in the Energy Corridor or another part of the West Houston-Katy area. The other works in The Woodlands or some other region that’s easily accessible via the Grand Parkway.

That was the case for Carolina Pelaez and Javier Parra, who were both relocated to Houston from Baton Rouge by their companies. Carolina’s new job was in the Energy Corridor, while Javier was transferred to ExxonMobil’s campus near The Woodlands.

“We wanted to have commutes that would be semi-equal for both of us,” Carolina said. “With its location on the Grand Parkway, Elyson offered that.”

Elyson’s location on the Grand Parkway also appeals to residents who think their job location might change in the future. That was the case for the Mendez family.

“My husband, David, works for an auto dealer in Sugar Land, which is easy to get to from Elyson using the Grand Parkway,” said Maria Mendez. “We’re not worried about where he might get transferred to in the future.  The Grand Parkway makes it easy to get to any part of Houston.”

One thing split-commute families don’t have to compromise on at Elyson is lifestyle. Elyson is located in the highly regarded Katy Independent School District, and it offers 750 acres of amenities, including parks, trails, natural open space and Elyson House.