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03 July . 2018

Elyson homebuilders offer leading-edge energy efficiency, including guaranteed heating and cooling costs

It’s often said that monthly utility bills are one of a family’s biggest expenses after their mortgage payment. Fortunately, building science advances have empowered homebuilders to greatly reduce, and even guarantee, home heating and cooling costs.

Many Elyson homebuilders offer some of the most comprehensive energy efficiency features available today, including the Environments for Living Heating and Cooling Energy Use Guarantee, which guarantees monthly heating and cooling costs.

One of the key energy-saving components of today’s new homes is spray foam insulation, which is applied to an average depth of five inches. Some builders display open attics in their sales centers, showing the little difference in temperature between an air-conditioned room and an attic that has been sprayed with this insulation.

Elyson builders also use the latest technology to enable residents to save money, even when they are not home. Meritage and Lennar offer home automation systems that allow homeowners to control the thermostat, lighting and other systems from anywhere using their phone.

Other builders, including David Weekley Homes, use third-party professionals to perform unbiased inspections of insulation, the thermal envelope, and HVAC ductwork prior to drywall installation. More energy efficient features include low E2 glazing on windows, radiant roof barriers and LED bulbs.

Today’s new homes also go far beyond heating and cooling concerns. Trendmaker and other builders include many features designed to conserve water, such as timed irrigation systems, drought-tolerant landscaping and water-saving dishwashers. They also promote better indoor air quality, with features such as 100 percent formaldehyde-free insulation, low-formaldehyde carpet pads, water filtration systems and Low-VOC paints.

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