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First time home buyer tips

21 May . 2019

Thinking About Buying a Home? Read Our Top 10 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

From finding the right new home and community, to getting the best financing terms, the home buying process can feel overwhelming, even if you’ve gone through it before. If you’re a first-time buyer, the entire journey may feel especially intimidating.

Here are 10 pieces of real estate wisdom that can help you through, and that you’ll be glad you knew after you’re happily settled in to your new dream home.

Slay those first-time buyer myths. “It’s cheaper to rent than own.” “I can’t bring a Realtor if I’m working with a builder.” “I need at least 20% for a down payment.” Some myths are harmless, but not if they discourage you from pursuing your homeownership goal. Take our fun and informative quiz on homebuyer myths and become an instant expert.

Tips for buying a house

No regrets. Like buyer’s remorse, neighborhood regret is a thing, according to the real estate experts at Trulia. Learn how to avoid neighborhood regret and choose a community you’ll love for years to come.

Understand HOAs. If you’ve never lived in a community with a robust HOA, or Home Owners Association, you may not be aware of what HOAs do, and their many benefits. Learn all about HOAs at our blog.

Advantage MPC. Do you know the difference between a subdivision and a master-planned community, or MPC? Even though new homes in MPCs can cost more than those in subdivisions, they offer many more returns for your lifestyle, investment and visibility into the future. See all five advantages of MPCs.

Understand PITI. If you’re buying your first home, it’s good to know what makes up your monthly mortgage payment. In a word – or acronym – it’s PITI: principal, interest, taxes and insurance. Learn more about PITI at our blog.

Advice for first time home buyers

Get tips from an expert. Millennial Realtor and Elyson resident Tyler Knowles has 7 great tips for first-time buyers, including how to tell your “must haves” from your “want to haves,” and how to make a positive impression on sellers in a competitive market.

Compare renting vs. owning. Renting makes sense for some, but for most people, the advantages of owning a home far outweigh paying rent every month. See 13 reasons why it’s better to own than rent.

Suburban life beats city living. For some, living in a downtown high-rise or urban condo is the way to go. But for most of us, suburban life beats city living, especially if good schools and access to parks and trails are among your top priorities.

How to know when it's time to move

Is it time to move? How do you know when that new-home itch is not just a passing fancy, and it’s really, really time to move? See eight sure signs at our blog.

Finding the right community. Houston’s vibrant real estate market offers a multitude of choices – but how do you know which community is best for you? Here are five things to think about.

To learn more about Elyson, including our vision for more than 750 acres of parks, trails, recreation centers and natural open spaces, check out the top 10 reasons Elyson residents love their community.